Street Art in Singapore: Kampong Glam

Street Art in Singapore is ,I think, quite little known. Even for myself, I also was only interested in it after reading this post by the occasional traveler.  I’ve included an updated map and suggested routes in the Google Maps link embedded below. If you are up for a good afternoon of exploring the Street Art in the Kampong Glam Area, the map should keep you busy for a good 2 hours or so.

If you are interested in a little preview and a bit more information on how to get there and what you will see in that 2 hours then read on…

How to get there

To get started, take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to Bugis station (D14/EW12). In the station you will find various exits to take. For the closest one to the route, opt for exit B which takes you to Raffles Hospital and Golden Landmark.

What you will see

Street Art in Singapore Kampong Glam 004
Girl with lion cub – Ernest Zacharevic

If you embark on the suggested route, this is the first piece you will encounter. The creator, Ernest Zacharevic , also has works in Georgetown, which I have visited. It is interesting to note that he created the iconic bicycle mural there.

He also created the next few pieces on the suggested route, the playful kids in trolley and the one I nearly missed, boy in window. This group of artwork I have indicated in green on the map.

Next, you will turn right into a quieter alley, Jalan Klapa which links to Aliwal Street and encounter several works at the Aliwal Arts Centre, including the rather hard to find piece below. On the day I was there, it was blocked by a plant.These are shown in orange on the map.

Street Art in Singapore Kampong Glam 023
Girl whispers into boy’s ear

The third group of artwork (yellow on the map), you will find all around Sultan Arts Village. Take a walk around the compound and you’ll be surprised by the numerous works found there. Some pieces may be slightly obscured by cars parking in the vicinity. It is my understanding that some of these works may change from time to time. The work below is the last you’ll see in this area.

Street Art in Singapore Kampong Glam 035
Colourful – Slacsatu

Following this, you will proceed down Baghdad Street to Haji Lane, where you may find yourself being distracted by the numerous cafes and shops in the area. Be prepared to spend more time here if you are into hipster cafes and shops. This area is generally livelier with more foot traffic.

The work below is just recently painted. The weekend I was there, I could still smell the paint!

Street Art in Singapore Kampong Glam 046

Walking down Haji Lane, you will find many of Jaba’s works.It’s all around the building and the pieces are really large so you’ll spend at least 5 mins trying to cover the all. It’s actually really fascinating to just see a person’s work and be able to tell that it’s him from his painting style.

Finishing off, you’ll be walking down to Bali Lane, another area with lots of cafes. I’m partial to the Choo Choo chicken wings found on that street.

Street Art in Singapore Kampong Glam 061
Kilas and Zero – Straits Records

Tips for surviving the walk

  1. On the walk you will encounter many opportunities to cool off and rest your legs. Make use of these opportunities.
  2. Singapore’s weather is unpredictable and it pays to be safe rather than sorry. Be sure to grab a brolly and a good hat.
  3. Bring water!

Don’t be afraid to get lost. Singapore is a small country and chances are you will stumble on something awesome on your next turn. For me, this led to me happening upon a Persian lamp shop.

Hopefully this walk shows you a little of the Singapore street art scene and inspires you to do the same.

Till next time, keep exploring and I’ll see you on the next page of our adventure!



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