Postcards: Rays & an introduction

Rays at Marangu

Pre- Kilimanjaro hike, we were out to explore Marangu and heading back to Keys Hotel in Moshi, we came across rays of light bathing the road in the far distance. Quickly, I grabbed my camera and snapped this picture – an ethereal moment captured for all eternity.


Introduction to Postcards

updated 01 June:

When I am exploring a new country I like to visit their souvenir shops and buy some postcards to send back to my friends and family back in Singapore. Inevitably, these postcards would contain some iconic scenes from that city. If it’s a hiking town, there will be pictures of mountains; If it’s a town famous for street art, these will be plastered on them.

It’s really nice to send friends and family a small bit of that town has to offer. And my “postcards” series of blog post attempts to do just that – distilling the essence of a particular place or moment to a short post to share to readers as much as myself.



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