Postcards :Painting the Kranji Marshes

Watercolour painting of Kranji Marshes

I made a trip to the Kranji Marshes recently to learn watercolour painting from Mr. Tham Pui San who has a wonderful blog of his works here. It was an activity organised by National Parks and Pui San is a volunteer there.

Unfortunately, I was late and thinking they had already started, called the organisers to tell them that I will exploring the marshes on my own. Along the way in, it was fortuitous that I met Bari from National Parks who knew that I was around the area from his colleague and led me to the hide that Pui San was based at.

Kranji Marshes 079.jpg
Bari and I in the restricted area

I must also mention that the area Pui San and we were painting at is currently a restricted area. Due to the development of Kranji Marshes, birds and the animals in this habitat migrated away. Restricting access to the area to a select few allows time and space for the animals to migrate back. In the future, this area will be opened to the public.

As I was late and also an amateur, I shall spare readers a peek at my attempt in drawing and painting the scene below.

Kranji Marshes 067.jpg
Our view at the Duck Hide

Instead, with kind permission from Pui San,the featured picture of this blogpost is his masterpiece after 2.5 hours of work.

Besides enjoying the process of his watercolour painting, you can also be a fly over his shoulder and learn along with me as he breathes life into his sketch using watercolour in the video embedded below.

I, for one, am inspired by his infectious energy and amazing work ethic. National Parks is fortunate to have you as a volunteer, Pui San! I can only hope to be half as good as you someday…


2 thoughts on “Postcards :Painting the Kranji Marshes

  1. Daniel, very impressed with your blog writeups. Congrats.You certainly have much to share with the world.
    Hope to see you next time at any of my free art lessons elsewhere.

    1. @Pui San, first off, thank you for your kind comments. Also, I appreciate you for taking the time on Sunday to share with us the joy of watercolour painting. I’ve learnt much from your sharing. I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for any other lessons you conduct.=)

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