Island Hopping in Krabi

This post will take you through what a one day island hopping tour in Krabi looks like and what to expect should you do this tour. Our visit was made in November 2015 and we stayed at Ao Nang Haven. Through the recommendation of Andy, the owner, we booked the tour through Say Yes Krabi which is opposite Starbucks on the main street. We also booked a half a day rock climbing session at Railay beach with  King Climbers on the next day.

Speedboats Assemble

Having booked the tour the night before, we were told to wait outside our hotel at around 0830. There, a vehicle picked us up and transported us and other passengers to the main beach strip where we were met with the transport for the day – our speedboats.

Evernote 946

To the extreme right of the picture you’ll see one of the long-tail boats – we took this to Railay beach the next day.

Once the administrative items were sorted, with each boat of about 15 people, receipts were checked and stickers were handed out. We then got on the speedboat and our guide gave us our itinerary for the day and what to expect in each area.

  1. Bamboo Island – beach, corals and exploring
  2. Hin Pae – exciting, open sea snorkeling
  3. Monkey Bay – fun in and out of the water
  4. Phi Phi Don – lunch break
  5. Pi Leh Bay – beautiful lagoon in Phi Phi Leh
  6. Viking Cave – sightseeing of a famous cave
  7. Maya Bay – film location of “The Beach”
Guide on Bum boat
Our guide taking us us through the paces

We were to arrive back at the hotel at 1630. Snorkeling gear like the eyemask, mouthpiece and life-vest were also provided for. And so, 45 mins after we set off, we reached our first destination.

Bamboo island

This was a picturesque island that we were glad to be among the first to reach. The picture featured in this blog post is taken in Bamboo island. There, as the picture suggests, you can find fine white sand and exceedingly clear turquoise waters. As a matter of fact, the profile picture in my “start here” page is also from Bamboo island.

Evernote 874.jpg
The Island Lizard

We also made friends with the island lizard.

After an hour or so of exploring, we proceeded to for our first dip in the water at Hin Pae.

Hin Pae

The cool thing about Hin Pae is that it looks so nice and pristine that you are afraid that stepping into the water will spoil the magic. But so course, there are already groups of people all around with their GoPros and cameras in the water already. If only it were less crowded though…

Evernote 938.jpg
Entrance to Hin Pae

Phi Leh Bay

But that’s not to say there weren’t any fishes in the water. In fact, there were schools and schools of these exotic fishes. And they weren’t shy either. Sometimes, they swarm so close to me I could almost reach out to touch one.

Evernote 846.jpg
Neon fishes in the water

After the snorkeling action (which I was still getting used it),  we had a change of pace to find ourselves observing monkeys on Monkey bay. Happy enough to watch, our boat stopped at a distance to let us take some pictures and went off for our lunch break.

Evernote 927.jpg


Phi Phi Don

Evernote 770.jpg
The hospital on Phi Phi Don

We had a lunch break of around 1hour at Phi Phi Don. The meal was provided as part of the package and what better way to end of a meal than with some homemade coconut ice cream? Being Singaporeans, we saw a queue forming and immediately deduced that this particular ice cream must be really good.

Coconut ice cream man
Coconut Ice Ceam man hard at work

This time round, though, we were right.In fact, it was so good, we even thought of buying one more. If I had another chance, I would have followed up on that thought. The ice cream was that good. Also, the Thais have something with coconut and peanut and I think the combination works like a charm.

Coconut ice cream
Our awesome coconut ice cream

The rest of the afternoon proceeded in the same fashion with cut fruit served in-between locations.

When time came for us to come home however, the dark clouds started to gather and before long, large drops of rain began to fall. The experience on the boat back to Krabi island was quite surreal as the speedboat cut through the sheets of rain, totally drenching us in the process.

It is suggested that potential island-hoppers be prepared for this eventuality by using a dry bag to contain your items before you set off for the trip. You could also bring a poncho to prevent yourself from getting drenched.

The lowdown


Adult : 1800 THB (Approx 70 SGD) inclusive of meal

Child: 1200 THB (Approx 46 SGD)

Recommended items to bring

  1. Towel to dry off
  2. Action camera with waterproof casing
  3. Lots of water
  4. Poncho
  5. Change of clothes
  6. Dry bag
  7. Slippers

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