Applying what I learnt at The Working Capitol

The beginning of this month saw me at the Creator Collective workshops held at The Working Capitol @ 1 Keong Siak road. You will see what these workshops entail, how I am planning to apply what I learnt through these workshops and how you can take part!

The Creator Collective workshops

According to the website, “they’re the most accessible and comprehensive entry point for independent creators to step into the world of professional video content creation.”

The workshops lasts for 2 weekends on both Saturday and Sunday roughly from 9.30am to 6pm in the evening and it all happens on “the commons”.  The 4 days are structured thus:

Day1: Strategy

Day2: Marketing

Day3: Production

Day4: Post-production

Within each day different speakers from different companies will go up to speak about topics assigned to them and for me, these speakers brought amazing value from relating personnel experiences to doling out tips. And the best part of it? Everything is provided free! Including lunch and two tea breaks.

I’ld highly encourage anyone with an interest in creating video, be it as an independent creator(of which there were many at the event) or someone who wants to increase your knowledge about this fascinating field to attend the free course.

The next one is from 2-3 Jul and 9-10 July 16.

The Grounds

While the content was great, the space we were in was amazing too! The Working Capitol is a co-working and event space and the facilities while beautiful certainly accommodated these functions. At the back of the commons is a drawer for laptops and personal items which you can secure using your antiquated number lock.

Creator Collective 010
Also at the back is the balcony, where I found myself often with a warm tea in hand during breaks to warm up from the chilly room.

Creator Collective 018
If you go through the red sliding door on the right at the front, you’ll find yourself at a really nice sitting area with plush mono seating pods. This area was used a couple of times to do filming of footage that team needed to promote the workshops.

Creator Collective 004
Mono seating pods
Going down the yellow staircase brought you to …

Creator Collective 005
Down we plunge
The Workspot…which is a space with beautifully let in natural daylights. At about this time, I was informed by a staff that I was not allowed in the area (Only “the commons” was supposedly accessible) but that it was OK, and given a grand tour of the grounds. Onward!

Creator Collective 006
The Workspot
Apparently, The Working Capitol charges a membership fee for different tier users to use their space. In fact, if you scrutinize the photo below, the meeting rooms are accessible only by access cards.

Creator Collective 008
Shared spaces

Join with me to create

During the workshops, I linked up with Andrew Liew of who gave me the idea of creating videos to help people in training to trek and I thought this was a wonderful idea.

For some time now, I’ve toyed with the idea of an ebook as a resource promised in Celebrating SG50 on Kilimanjaro but having written the book, found it lacking somewhat and held back on publishing it. The video series will consist of 4 free videos each touching on different aspects of trekking.

Video 1 will take potential trekkers through what to expect during the trek and mindset while video 2 will suggest methods and places to train at in Singapore. Video 3 will touch on equipment and packing and finally video 4 will tie up loose ends with some tips.

If you like to see how the project pans out, if you feel like you got something to share that will help the trekking community in Singapore or you feel like just being a part of this effort, you can subscribe to a VIP list here.

Being in the VIP list, you’ll receive just one email per month from July to December asking for feedback from me. From naming the course to an exclusive first look at the 4 videos, you will get a fly on the wall look into how the project evolves from draft to its final form.I may be slow to respond but I promise to read every single email.

In many ways, this will be your project as it is mine. Again, you can choose to be part of it today by subscribing to my VIP list here.


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