Rock climbing at Railay Beach

Apart from island hopping around Krabi, you can also rock climb at one of the best spots in the world – Railay Beach. Just 20 minutes away by boat, this was the perfect half-day activity to do if the weather is kind to you and fortunately for us it was!

This post takes readers through half a day of rock climbing with King Climbers , also booked with Say Yes, Krabi like our island hopping tour and some simple tips for rock climbing.

Why Say Yes?

If you are like us, we are very wary of tour agents but had to try Say Yes, Krabi as it was highly recommended by Andy from Aonang Haven GuestHouse.

For one, they take part in the tours themselves. This ensures that standards are kept and they are able to recommend tours that they have experienced. This was important because my partner and I requested for an island tour that met specific requirements and the tour agent was able to specifically pinpoint which island tour met our needs. And there were a ton of packages to choose from.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly, the agent we dealt with was not at all pushy.

For these reasons, we took them up on their recommendation to take a half day rock climbing course with King Climbers as well. The course caters from the total beginner to the experienced climber. But we had to first get to Railay West Beach first and this involves our first long tail boat ride in Krabi.

Evernote 636.jpg
Taking the long tail boat to Railay Beach

Railay West Beach and Ao Nang Beach

If you are used to the engine hum of speedboats from island hopping the day before, ready yourself for the loud whine of the long tail boat engine and the spray of the ocean waters.

20 minutes later we found ourselves at King Climbers.

King Climbers

For 1000 baht per person (approximately 40 SGD), you’ll get insurance, all necessary equipment like harnesses and climbing shoes, water , a hotel pickup and a half day primer on rock climbing.

Evernote 701.jpg
Outfitted for the climb

Once we were all fitted and primed for the climb, the instructor led us to the climbing area.

At this point of time I must clarify that I was more or less a total beginner and the only rock wall I’ve scaled was the man-made one in my Junior College and now I’m supposed to climb up a natural rock wall? To be honest I had my doubts.

But first, knots. To be precise, a figure 8 follow-through knot. This is the knot that connects you to the harness for your instructor to belay you.

Enter Cam

Amidst the insecurities of climbing, we found a friend in Cam, a Canadian snowboarding instructor who is currently on a break touring Thailand. He along with his girlfriend had already been with King Climbers for the past few days (his girlfriend wasn’t here as she was sore from the previous outings).

Evernote 708.jpg

I think one of the joys of travel is to be able to connect with strangers and learn from their experience.

And so Cam, upon knowing that this was my partner’s and my first time climbing imparted some advice which will be helpful to would-be climbers as well.

  1. Use more of your lower body to push yourself up than your arms to pull yourself up
  2. Keep close to the wall

That’s it.

And that’s how, after the knot-tying and some insecurity, my partner and I found ourselves at the top of the first wall and the many ones after that.

Evernote 685.jpg
Enroute to the top

Though half a day may seem quite a short session for beginners, it is best to keep to that duration if you are inexperienced. In that time, we scaled about 4 different sections of the wall with varying difficulty – some needing you to perform special maneuvers , others just a climb straight up.

Your muscles will thank you for choosing the half day option. In fact, if my memory serves me right, my partner and I went back for  a massage back at Aonang Haven and you should too.

If you have never done rock climbing  before, why not try something new?

The Lowdown

Cost: 1000 Baht per pax for half a day (Approx 40 SGD)

Includes: Basic insurance, all equipment, transport and one bottle of water

Tips: wear something comfortable that is easy to move around in.




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