What to do at Car-Free Sunday SG

According to the official website, “Car-Free Sunday SG turns part of our city into a pedestrian and cyclist friendly precinct and creates a 5.5 km route of closed roads in the heart of the city. It is part of the larger movement towards a car-lite Singapore, envisioning our city with fewer cars.”

It usually takes place on the last Sunday of every month, with exciting line ups of activities for each edition. I went down to Car-Free Sunday SG in January 2017 to take a look-see. Because it was near the Chinese New Year period, Car-Free Sunday was held in the week before the last sunday of the month.

This post will take potential visitors through what they may find at future such events.

What’s happening?

The important thing to note is that roads are closed and with them closed, activities can take place on these roads. What activities you ask and who is it for?

If you want the TLDR version , there are mostly sports activities that catered from the young to the young-at-heart. Let’s dive into what activities were available when I was there in January 17!

Car-Free Sunday route.jpg
Car-free Sunday road closures

Main area

There are two areas of activities – the Padang and the Telok Ayer region. The main area around the Padang was where most of the activities took place.


One of the activities I participated was running with the i-Run running group. Besides running at Car-free Sundays, they also have other events as well. These you can find in their Facebook group.

For their runs at Car-Free Sundays SG, you have to register beforehand and they will hook you up with a free can of 100 plus after the run. They also have a baggage deposit area.

Run Route.JPG
Run Route

The nice thing about running with i-Run is that you are able to see what’s happening around the periphery of the Car-Free sunday loop. You can see this clearly if you compare my running route with the route of the road closures. The running route is about 5km per loop.

For kids

Picture 002.jpg
Sports try-out for kids. Adults joined in the fun too!

Kids will be entertained as well as there were many activities like sports try-outs at Connaught drive. Amongst the many games they can play there are basketball and tennis. Besides sports, there were also some booths for arts and crafts and even a bouncy castle! If I were a kid, I’ll definitely be happy spending 1-2 hours exploring this stretch of road.

Bicycles for kids and  adults were up for rental as well near Victoria Concert Hall.

Food & upcycling

Picture 006.jpg
Farmer’s market

If it’s a respectable Singaporean event, there will definitely be food .

Just beside where the kid activities were, a farmers’ market was set up to tease the tastebuds of all who were there.Unfortunately, since I just completed a run, I wasn’t up for breakfast then.

Another market there, just opposite the farmer’s market, was the upcycling-themed flea market that had used products that were re-purposed. For example, I came across a stall that used and meticulously selected magazine pages to make bowls for holding knick-knacks.

I chatteded with the creator and some of these took 1 year to create because he was waiting for a page with the perfect colour combination. To be honest, these were extremely well done and environmentally friendly to boot.

Telok Ayer Region

Since these were slightly more out of the way, I didn’t get to fully explore this particular region – I just ran past them. One of the activities you can do there is join a tour. When I was there, one of the tours conducted is the pioneer trail guided tour. There was another one that had breakfast served as well!


Picture 024.jpg

In short, Car-Free Sunday is a great time to get your family down to the town to do something different for a change, be it cycling or running or just enjoying a trishaw ride around the civic district. I certainly enjoyed walking around the Padang and I suspect many of you will too.

For a list of programmes, refer to the URA website here.


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