SGBT 1:What to expect in a game drive with Innocent Mwabebe

Innocent“Because when you are reading something it is not the same where someone is showing you something …”

Before  going on an actual game drive, I just knew that we were to be in a vehicle, looking out for animals. In reality, it takes skill and a network of guides to help locate an animal. Today’s guest knows this best – he is not only a terrific guide but is passionate about what he does as well.

Innocent Mwabebe started learning about being a Safari Guide in school and graduated amongst the top of his class. This afforded him the opportunity to visit Oxford University and since then, he has not looked back.

He guided our group in our tour of Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro National Reserve and the Manyara National Park .You can read about our experience in Tarangire here and Ngorongoro and Mayara here. From teaching us about the fascinating familial bonds of different species in the animal kingdom to mimicking their calls, we found ourselves riveted by his love for animals and his craft.

If you are curious about what to expect in a game drive and would like to know what to look out from in a game drive, this session will undoubtedly aid you in making the best use of your time on game drive. So if you’re ready, pack your binoculars, for it’s time for a game drive!

Show notes

Amount of time taken from Arusha to Tarangire Nature Park [1:11]
What Innocent recommends as the minimal time for game drives [1:16]
How Innocent find animals during game drives [1:22]
What Innocent talks about during his drives [4:24]
Why Innocent doesn’t just show just elephants in Tarangire National Park [5:54]
Why elephants are similar to humans [7:04]
What animal Innocent would like to see that is out of Africa [8:10]
What are the big five? [8:58]
Why are the big five called the big five? [9:33]
Why having lunch in the national park is not 100% safe and why Innocent is not concerned [10:33]
Why hippos are the biggest killers in Africa [11:46]
Tips to make full use of your game drive [15:52]

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One last thing

Special thanks to Innocent for joining me this session. He has also kindly provided some videos which I have compiled to a video below.

Till next time!


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