Exploring the Northern Tip of New Zealand

For the last 1 hour, the two-laned road swerved and ebbbed. I negotiated hairpin after hairpin and just as I thought it was over, there it was – another hairpin turn. We decided to save on tolls and took the longer route driving from Auckland. I had been driving for the past 3 hours and was tired and hungry.

After having tasted the alpine snow of the Tongariro crossing, we traveled downward towards Wellington before flying back to Auckland. Back at Auckland, our group split up. The guys went northwards towards the Kaitaia while the ladies stayed on in Auckland.

This blogpost takes readers through what we experienced in Kaitaia.

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Postcards: Tongariro Crossing

It was almost completely white in front of us. The winds were blowing the snow sideways and as I took out my one hand – the one that I hadn’t a glove on because I lost it a few hours prior – I turned back and realised if I were to go back on my own and my footsteps were covered by snow, I would be totally lost.

We were so close to the summit when the storm closed in on us – the same storm were we trying to outwalk the past few hours. The snow blew at us sideways at an angle, daring us to continue.

We were in New Zealand near a town called Taupo and this is our story.

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