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I’m Daniel , creator of SG Books and Travel.

What is SG Books and Travel about?

As much as I love traveling, I also love reading. SG Books and Travel attempts to share the best of what I have experienced in these two worlds.


I used to only read fantasy novels and while this was awesome in it’s own right, I realise like only eating burgers, I was missing out. A lot.

But where do I start? I started just browsing goodreads and reading 4 or more starred reviewed books but even those were too numerous to complete. Today I consume fantasy, science fiction, self-help and the occasional romance among other genres. Under reads, you will find the best books of each genre.


I’ve also struggled in my travels sometimes to find more meaning in just visiting a place. To that end, I’ve tried to recommend books that can help you in understanding the country’s history and culture. It is hoped that you gain a far more meaningful experience by being a better informed traveler.

In the end, I’m a practical person and I recognise the fact that I can’t travel throughout the year. What I aim to do, therefore, is to explore the little red dot as a “Singaporean Tourist”, uncovering little known gems (and hopefully good food!) along the way and sharing them with you. That’s why you see Singapore up on the menu bar together with the rest of the world.

It is my hope that sharing my experiences will help would-be travelers and fellow “Singaporean Tourists” in planning their next adventure.

Thank you for being here

Now, let’s go explore the world, one page at a time.