Surviving the Killing Fields Book Review

Survival in the Killing Fields

I visited Cambodia in 2013. One of the places we visited was The Killing Fields, one of the many in Cambodia. The one we visited was in the village of Choeung Ek , 30 mins from Phenom Pehn. During the visit, I chose to do it with the audio tour which had stops for various landmarks. To put it mildly, it was a very affecting experience. I bought “Survival in the Killing Fields” in Phenom Penh in an attempt to understand what it was like from one person’s perspective.

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Millionaire Teacher Book Review

Millionaire Teacher Book Cover

The problem with many investing books that are written is this: They are U.S. centric. And this is a problem when it comes to the practical application step as they will be confined to the U.S. examples. Good for those living in the U.S. but not so good basically for the rest of the world.

This is fortunately not the case with this book. The book gives examples of how you can apply the strategy, index investing, not only in Singapore but also in Canada and Australia. U.S. citizens should not feel excluded as you have a section in there as well.

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